Instapage Review:

Best Landing Page Builder 😍


4.5 out of 5

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  1. Easy to setup
  2. Everything you need is included
  3. Allows you to deploy landing pages at scale easily
  4. Integrates with most page email marketing tools. You can use Zapier if yours isn’t listed. 
  1. Pricing might be steep for small businesses.
  2. Some features like Global blocks should be included in their core plan.

What is Instapage? Instapage is a visual landing page builder to help you get more from your digital advertising spend. It’s easy to use and is a true drag and drop page builder. You can build pages easy and fast as a powerpoint or keynote slide.

Long story short. If you need a reliable platform to build landing pages for your clients or companies advertising. Then Instapage is a great platform for you.

Expect a 1-2 day delay if you require more robust integrations and setting up your custom domains before you can fully test Instapage. I recommend waiting to do your free trial until you’re ready to start running ads to your landing pages. This will give you enough time to build, setup, and test your landing pages before your trial ends.

I did this when I signed up for Instapage and I got results the first couple days of running ads to my landing pages. The client is happy with the results, and decided to up their ad budget. Just one client pays for this service. In a sense I never had to pay for this software. It’s paying for itself.

Why You Should Trust Me

Hey! Incase you missed it my name is Lyman and I’m a full time Digital Strategist. I’ve been doing online marketing full time for over 9 years. I’ve used hundreds of tools over the years. I know what to look for when it comes to digital marketing software.

How Research was Conducted

All the marketing tools I review are purchased and fully tested by me. In the case of Instapage, I purchased their product to try for a new client that wanted to test Google Adwords. It’s working really well for me right now and I plan to keep using this tool for more clients in the future. I’ve already generated $40,000+ in revenue my first month using Instapage.

Who is Instapage For?

Instapage is perfect if you run or manage Google, Facebook, Display or Retargeting Ads and want a fast way to deploy and test landing pages with all the bells and whistles you need.

Instapage is a robust platform, but it’s not for everyone. You’re not going to build your entire website with it nor would you want to. Instapage was created to do one core thing. That’s to create better post click experiences to help you improve your conversion rate.

This tool is targeted towards agencies, freelancers, and businesses with internal marketing teams. If you’re a small business owner or advertising online for the first time. Then Instapage isn’t the platform for you.

Account Portal Overview

Signing up and getting your first landing page setup can be done in just a few minutes.
The admin portal is clean which makes navigating your account easy.

Here’s a quick run through of what your account will look like.

Ease of Use

The thing I love most about Instapage is how quickly you can have a fully designed landing page built and ready to go. Just select a template you like or start building from scratch. My favorite part is that it’s a true drag-n-drop page builder. You literally place your page elements where you want them and that’s where they show. 


Many Templates

Instapage comes packed with over 175 page templates you can leverage to speed up your landing page creation. They also organize them into useful categories.


Another great feature I'm glad Instapage has added is a feature called blocks. Many page and site builders have this feature. These are pre-styled site sections that helps you build your page structure much faster. You can also save your own blocks to use on other pages. If you have an Enterprise account you can create "Global Blocks" This allows you to update your blocks once and your changes will be reflected on all your landing pages!

A/B Split Tests

Instapage comes with the ability to run A/B split tests for your landing pages. This is a must have feature for any landing page software.

Sub Accounts

Sub-accounts allow you to separately manage your clients and projects in Instapage. You can have up to 5 sub accounts on their Core plan. If you need more than 5 sub accounts you can contact them for an Enterprise solution. A sub-account is essentially a tab where your pages, and domains are kept separate from your Personal Project and other clients.

Easy Page Management

All your landing pages live under the “Pages” tab in your account. You can add multiple pages into groups to help keep them organized. You also access to page specific features you can’t find anywhere else within your account like heatmaps and your lead data.

Lead Notifications

One of my favorite features is the ability to send branded lead notifications. This is a great way to emphasize your value to your clients when they see leads coming in with your branded logo on them.


I was really surprised to find out that Instapge has heatmaps built right in. I love using heat maps to make sure people are taking my desired actions.

Simple Analytics

Instapage has their own built in analytics. It allows you to see how well your pages convert at a glance. You can break down your performance by organic vs paid traffic channels. If you need further attribution reporting capabilities, make sure you setup Google Analytics from the get go.

Quick Integrations

Instapages has all their core integrations on a single page in your account dashboard. Simply select the integration you need and follow the instructions to get started. It’s really straight forward. If you don’t see an integration you need, you can utilize Zapier to connect to your marketing platform.

Custom Domains

I really like that you can setup custom domains for all your landing pages. This feature is already becoming useful as I’m adding more clients to Instapage account. It’s nice that I can control the landing page creation process and still publish them under my client’s URL. If you don’t want to mess with your DNS, Instapage also allows you to integrate your CMS with tokens or a Plugin if you’re on WordPress.


Instapage’s pricing is pretty straightforward. They only have two plans to choose from. Core which is $99 per month if you pay annually or $129 if you pay month-to-month. The other option is their Enterprise offering which you have to contact them for pricing. 


If you do any sort of SEM work and need a solid Landing Page platform then Istapage is the perfect solution for you. I’ve tried many different setups and having Instapage makes my life much more simple. I highly recommend getting this tool! It’s the best landing page builder in my opinion.


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Richard B.
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General UI is really really solid. I have found the software very easy to use as a non-designer / non-coder and created a number of high performing landing pages. This is gold-dust for me as a PPC manager. I previously just focused on working from within Adwords / Bing Ads / Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter Ads - and did not touch landing pages. It has really helped me to be able to take control of the full process - driving traffic and influencing conversion rate with landing pages. I just love the flexibility you have over the creation of pages. All in all love it, recommend it on my blog and will continue to use it for years to come.